Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lost Girl - Faetal Justice: Succubus on a Mission

Another week, another post about Lost Girl. Today's post facto detailed recap for Faetal Justice is up at Heroes & Heartbreakers. We're already chatting mightily about the goodness that is a shirtless Dyson, a snarky The Morrigan, and deep, if perhaps lightning fast, relationship progress on the Bo and Dyson front, making me a happy, happy recapper.

Look! A clip!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lost Girl - Fae Day: Judge, Jury & Succubus

Some day soon, I'm going to have a non Lost Girl post on this site again, but until then, go to Heroes and Heartbreakers for my detailed recap on the latest episode Fae Day. Bean sidhes and goblins and trials - oh, my!

See a sneak peak of the episode below, which thankfully includes some hot wolf this time...not that that's a deal breaker on anything - but it helps!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lost Girl Recap - Vexed

Vexed is the best episode of Lost Girl yet, a game-changer, and I may have got a tad overzealous recapping but day-am. Filmed as the original pilot to sell the series to the network, it also had the hottest cold open I've ever seen that wasn't on pay cable, emotionally charged, integral to the mythology of the show, and seriously sizzling. The recap is live at Heroes and Heartbreakers so click on over...and you can start with the preview below.