Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Feline Fun for Engineers

My dad is a textile engineer and as anyone with an engineer in their family can attest, there are certain qualities that accompany such a profession. An attention to small details that occasionally borders on the annoying. A penchant for neatness and brevity (Neatness counts ten!). A tendency to find something they like and stick with it for llloooonnnnggg periods of time (I inherited that one). An affection for gadgets (yep, got that one too). And an otherworldly ability to pack many things in small packages. Seriously, you should have seen the job my father would do packing everything I insisted was necessary (including my stuff dinosaur, unimaginatively named Dino) into the backpacks and duffel bags I used when I went on two-night overnights with my summer day camp program. When I went backpacking through Ireland for 10 days whilst in grad school, those lessons on how to roll my underwear served me well. And we won't even mention the feats of packing accomplished every summer finagling two teenage girls and a wife and all their STUFF into a four-door Volkswagen Rabbit for two weeks in the Pocono Mountains. Eventually it wound up taking two trips, but any normal dad would have been looking at three or four easily. Consider this: one year, my mother accidentally packed every pair of shoes she had - and not a single pair of underpants. Enough said.

So when I saw this video of An Engineers Guide to Cats, I just about busted a lung laughing. The styles of cat dancing, the marathon lounger, the cat yodelling, the problems of cat motivation, the apex measurements - oh just watch it and laugh till you wet yourself maybe just a little. (Don't miss the cans in the cupboard - it's the attention to detail that slays me.)

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