Monday, October 13, 2008

Election Debate

Dad-dad: I'm glad that you're voting for McCain now.

K: I never said that.

DD: You're voting for Obama?

K: [cagily] I haven't made up my mind yet.

DD: Well, now Palin's in trouble for firing her brother-in-law

K: Yeah Troopergate. Whatever. She's not the first governor or mayor or president to fire someone for her own self interest. She's just one of the few who got caught.

DD: Did you see her on the debate?

K: Bits and pieces. I try not to watch too many things that will automatically piss me off. I heard she did pretty well, compared with what was expected. But then, those expectations were pretty low.

DD: Yeah, she did OK. Hey, do you watch Saturday Night Live?

K: Yeah.

DD: It's usually on too late for me to watch.

K: Well, yeah, it doesn't start till 11:35.

D: Did you know they did one on Thursday night?

K: Yeah, they're going to be doing them on Thursday nights up till Election Day.

D: Oh yeah? I didn't know that. Have you seen that woman who imitates Palin?

K: Tina Fey, yeah. She's a freaking riot.

DD: She's pretty funny.

K: I think she may do a better version of Palin than Palin does herself.

DD: Oh yeah. Well, I wasn't watching it...

K: [interrupting] Of course not.

DD: ...but Doris who lives downstairs?

K: [cluelessly] Yeah?

DD: Well, she was going to watch it on Thursday and she wondered what time it was on, and I told her 9:30.

K: Yeah, that's when it was scheduled.

DD: Only she went to watch it and turns on her T.V., only it turned out it was on at 10:30.

K: [confused] OK.

DD: How 'bout that. Did you hear that she's now going to be on Saturday Night Live herself?

K: Who? Doris?

DD: [patiently] No. Sarah Palin.

K: I knew they were in negotiations for her to go on and spoof herself a bit. I guess they finally confirmed it.

DD: You knew?

K: Yeah, pretty much.

DD: You really do know everything, huh?

K: Pretty much.

DD: [laughing]

K: [laughing because he's laughing]

DD: [still laughing] Touch

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  1. You really could publish a book filled with your conversations with your Dad-dad…seriously! 8)