Friday, March 13, 2009

It Got Me!

That pesky cold virus that's been stalking the halls of my office finally took me under today. I am home sick. At the last minute yesterday, I decided to take today off as I needed a Me day before the work volume at the office increases exponentially, which is scheduled to happen any day now. The idea was to get some sleep, pay some bills, wallow with the kitties and, oh please dear Lord, write.

Well, some of those things happened.

But now, I'm also sick. Ergo, there was much more of the sleep and wallow with a soupcon of the pay bills and a smidgen yet to come of the writing.

Earlier this week as I was getting into bed circa midnight, the poor, abused bed frame on my gently used "new" mattress and box spring gave up the ghost. There I was in the early hours of Wednesday morning, clearing out all my under-the-bed storage, lifting the rather heavy mattress and box spring to the side and perched across my bent over back so that I could disconnect the one end of the frame that hadn't bent out of shape, pulling both sides of the frame out of the way and replace the mattress and box spring onto the floor so I could, I don't know -

The muscle relaxer followed soon after.

Obviously I needed a new bed frame and while I could have gone for the cheap and functionable basic metal frame, I did some intensive Internet research and decided to splurge. So now, as I sit at home waiting sniffling and coughing and basically sounding and feeling just lovely all around, I am waiting for the delivery of this:

Isn't it purdy? I like the antiquey feel to it and the fact that the wood posts balance the iron so it's not so dark. Of about 30 frames I looked at, this is the one I really liked and Sleepys made me a good enough deal that I went for it.
I have to keep repeating to myself "It's an investment, it's an investment" or I'm going to swallow my tongue with anxiety over the big-for-me cost.

I'm this way with all big purchases, hard-wired to think that anything serviceable will do and adding in the bells and whistles "isn't really necessary."

No - but they're fun.

The delivery guys finally arrived and have set it up in no time. That second, less professional, slightly tilted picture is all me taking a shot of my new bed in situ

I'm sleeping well tonight!


There's still that blasted cold.

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