Friday, April 10, 2009

Judeo-Christian Values

My dad attended a perhaps not-so-serious Passover Seder this week where the songs were sung to the tune of well-known hits. For instance "Old man Pharaoh, that old man Pharaoh" (hum a few bars and it sticks with you forever) and "They'll be coming round the pyramid when they come" and so on.

I actually really like Seders because I enjoy the history and tradition - and food. And as a Christian, I'm delighted by the promise of the Messiah woven through the event and the heritage encompassed in same. So, I'm pretty serious about it though it's a rare thing for me to have the opportunity to attend one. Still, my dad's telling of what I suspect was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek celebration gave me a laugh and put me in mind of another good giggle I had this week.

Check out A Facebook Haggadah. A taste of things to come in the rapid development and momentum of our world of iphones and twitter? Perhaps. But a good guffaw all the same.

"Pharaoh has sent the Israelites a Bread of Affliction."


Have a glorious Easter Sunday! Allelujah!

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