Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Following Merrily Along

Look! Over there! To the left – no, your other left! What's that? What does it say?

It's the Follow Button!!

I've been playing with the layout of TLS this week. Some items have been successful (the search function) some not (the Amazon link. Flipping Blogger – grrr). One thing my Luddite skills managed not to screw up was implementing the Follow Button.

LOOK – two whole people follow me! Hello my people! LOVE you!

Are you one of the mprhm-something people who read Two Left Shoes? Well, click the follow button there then! Confetti and balloons will fall from the sky all around you! Probably not, but you never know.

I write these posts for me and satisfy my narcissistic tendencies (all bloggers are narcissistic by very nature of blogging) by imagining the thousands of anonymous readers out there hanging on my every word (not really). How much better to actually see those (low) numbers in action following merrily along?

So have a heart and click follow. I'll bask in your adoration for a whole minute, I promise.

These are some of my baby step to finally customizing TLS. Eventually, I hope to figure out how to upload my own images and tool the layout to be more me (me! me! me!) and less template #6. Scary, I know. We'll all have to scrunch our eyes up together and grin and bear it.

With any luck, you'll all still follow along.

Caveat: I feel the need to clarify for the potentially new readers visiting TLS for the first time (it could happen!) that I am not really, no way, no how, this narcissistic. I am, however, this sarcastic. More so really. Better hang on.

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