Monday, May 10, 2010

Taking it Easy

Still reeling from a very hectic weekend that involved A Lot of driving, I took today off.

This morning, I went to see Iron Man 2, which I loved, at the 10 AM showing and no, I was not the only one there, though that would have been great. I'll review it here next week. This afternoon I sat on a couch and held my baby nieces and laughed with my best friend (they're her babies) who I haven't seen in nearly 2 months. Tonight, I will scrub the stove so it stops smoking and I can cook dinner, clean the cat boxes, and write.

There may also be some kitty cuddling. Could you resist this belly and that face? Your heart is far harder than mine then, friend.

And that's saying something.

The writing has been going really well, which probably means I'm going to crash on it soon, but for now I see things very clearly and it jazzes me to get to it. I gave up trying to push through to the end just to push through the end because that wasn't working for me. Yes, I know that not finishing for finishing's sake means having the best written first chapter in the world, but I can't write the end to the story when I already know how the middle is going to have to change. Now that I'm fixing the middle, the emotional journeys are coming out and some very, very cool stuff is revealing itself and I am, as I said before, really jazzed.

Here's hoping your Monday ends with a jazz.

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