Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Man Candy Monday - the Wednesday Edition

I'm too sexy for this ocean
After a long, holy-crap-is-the-Devil-on-a-bender hot weekend, I was looking forward to sweating over Man Candy Monday this week if only for some variety. This week's theme: Euro Trash. This theme somehow feels like the embodiment of Man Candy Monday's raison d'etre. Stripped of the puritanical American trappings, Euro Trash Man Candy had the potential to bring Man Candy Monday to a new level of "oh-my-gawd-what-is-that?" awesomeness.

And I missed it.

EuroTrash cowboy? So last week, darling.
I can hardly believe it myself. Have the blooms fallen off the Man Candy -er - stems? Have the burgeoning pecs of manliness been - gasp! - punctured?

Perish the thought! Merely an epic fail on my part as I turned around not once but twice in my office Monday night, sure that I was forgetting something but leaving nonetheless only to pull off the highway two miles from home with the realization that I'd left my laptop in my office.

Polish Moment unparallelled.
The scruff of sensitive ManCandy

He never inhaled - smoke.

David Gandy from Light Blue Cologne Advert

Gotta love a hot man in braces

Rather than have my - ahem - research to go unrewarded, here for your viewing pleasure are the pictures I'd amassed for EuroTrash ManCandyMonday. 

Ciao Baby.

Just. My. Quarry.

Bon Jovi, the EuroTrash edition
Are those zebra trunks?
Hit me with your best shot. Please.
Dis towel is, how you say? Too much.

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  1. I vote for stubbly sensitive man candy for the win. Oh wait. just seeing the pic WAS the win.

  2. Yeah, he was a favorite of mine too. Him and David Gandy, who is quickly moving to the top of my Man Candy list!

  3. Dis is mucho perfecto! Love it. Nice job supplementing our week long man candy deprivation.


  4. Thanks Jeannie! Thought at first I wouldn't be able to live up to my ManCandyMonday reputation but alas, Google was there for me again. ;-)

  5. How in the world could anyone choose between them? It's like being in an entire candy story and choosing between the variety of candies. Can't do it! Must choose them all! ;-)

  6. I know! It's like "I'll take that one. And that one. And that one. Um look, just give me the variety pack."