Friday, November 11, 2011

SEAL of My Dreams

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On Veteran's Day last year, I wrote about my Dad-Dad's story of when he arrived home from World War II, and a Peanuts cartoon, and Flanders Fields. Two months later, I revealed how the word "embellish" takes on new and amazing meaning in the hands of a master spinner like my Dad-Dad. The man's a piece of work, I'll tell you.

For Veteran's Day 2011, I'm shilling - and I couldn't be happier to be doing it

I am, on a regular basis, extremely proud to be a member of the romance writing community, no more so than today when I can tell you about SEAL of My Dreams, an amazing anthology put together by some of the leading romance writers of our day, as you can see by the names listed on the cover to the right.

Oh, that cover! When Bin Laden was killed, this photo (posted in full below) was featured with a New York Times article on Navy SEALs. If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this one was worth a thousand sighs as women all over took one look and went "Wow". It's been featured regularly on ManCandyMondays ever since, basically whenever I can find the slightest excuse to work it into the theme of the week.

SEALs are the elite warriors of the Navy, men whose training and abilities are the stuff of legend - only this is real life. They are living, breathing, walking heroes though they'd be the very last ones to label themselves so.

They are men worthy of our admiration, our gratitude, and, in the case of SEAL of My Dreams, our imagination.
It doesn't take much for writers to be inspired and this photo was enough to spur a cadre of them to contribute stories to SEAL of My Dreams, (a title I regularly misrepresent as SEALed for Your Pleasure [Freudian much?]). Look at those names! Christie Ridgway, Cindy Gerard, Tara Janzen, HelenKay Dimon, Roxanne St Claire - only a few of the bestselling romance writers names who contributed original stories to this book.

But what elevates SEAL of My Dreams and its authors to amazo levels is the fact that proceeds from its sale will be donated towards veterans medical research. Our brave men and women who stand on the front lines and the back lines and all the lines in between in defense of our nation and its people are coming home with physical and psychological injuries that few of us will ever be able to completely understand. They need our help, now more than ever.

As a small contribution to the cause, I'll be giving away a Kindle or Nook digital copy of Seal of My Dreams to a commenter here at Two Left Shoes as well as buying one in print for myself.

Leave a comment and tell me about a veteran in your life, or perhaps a military themed book that you enjoy (I'm extremely partial to Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series), or what story you're most looking forward to reading in Seal of My Dreams. Contest is open until 5 PM Monday, November 14, 2011. I'll post the winner on Tuesday. UPDATED 11/15/11: Extended through to Friday, November 18th at 7PM.

Last year on Veteran's Day, I linked to this column by Aaron Sorkin, creator and showrunner of my beloved The West Wing and the great Sports Night. Read it now, or again as I did, to get a tiny glimpse of what our soldiers are going through, the pain and suffering our military men and women continue to endure long after they've come home.

Finally, a few links that will give you some first-person, behind-the-scenes accounts of how Seal of My Dreams came to be: 

An interview with Christie Ridgway, who first tweeted the seminal photo that started it all and spearheaded the anthology.

An interview with Cindy Gerard.

An interview with Roxanne St. Claire where she talks about her nephew, an Army Ranger (Rangers lead the way!).

And the Navy SEALs themselves, or at least a post on their official blog that features SEAL of My Dreams.

Our safety, our freedom, continues to come at a high price, one that will never be paid in full.

Veterans, I salute you.

Hoo Rah.


  1. This is awesome! I love it and will definitely show my support. This is why I love the romance writing community and the author's. We make love and romance not only something to get lost in but we make it a part of everyday life. Transforming the love into assistance for good causes and organizations across the world.

  2. Landra - You said it! After all, everyone deserves a Happily Ever After...

  3. I hope my comment works this time! Love the post, love the cover. People so often forget the price paid by the military sometimes includes limbs, memories, and a host of maladies that we still struggle to treat. It's not always or even frequently 'all or nothing'.

    Also must plug the other special forces, especially the frequently forgotten Pararescue troops - who are one of the badass groups in the Air Force. :) And I'm proud to say I come from a military family with multiple generations serving as a career. It's an amazing and brave choice to make.

    Go you! And thanks for the awesome post, as always. :)

  4. I love this giveaway! :) Seriously, ever since I heard about this collection and the story behind the picture--not to mention the great cause--well, it all sounds fantastic. Even if I don't win the contest, the military will win, and that's too cool for words. Thank you for doing this!

  5. Hi Jami! I agree - such a fantastic project! I got my copy today and Robyn Carr's foreward was so touching. I've already started Rocki's story (which is wonderful, but of course) and anticipate being sucked right in by the others.

    Thanks for the comment!!

  6. That's such an amazing thing for all these fabulous authors to do. The romance community is just fantastic in banding together for a good cause. Thank you Kiersten for this.

    For those who have loved ones serving, it's always hard to wonder and wait for news of whether their relative will make it or not and if they do, what physical or psychological damage has been done. I'm so glad there's organizations to help them.

    I gave a copy away on my blog and now I want a copy of my own. *fingers crossed* :)

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  8. Kati - Families, I think, so often get the short shift when it comes to deployment. With the exception of my boss who nearly redid the interior of her house while her army reserve Major husband was on deployment to Iraq several years ago. He goes again in April to Afghanistan and I kid her that he'll get home, look around, and say "Exactly when did we get a pool?"

    I'd like to see the families better represented in fiction, be it books or film, as they too effectively sign up for service when their parents do. One of the theme's of Jessica Scott's newly released novel Because of You, which features a military heroe and heroine, is how the wives and families left behind deal with their husband's/parent's deployment both when they're away and when they return. I recommend checking her out!

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment and for giving away a copy of SEAL of My Dreams yourself!