Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Appointment Television - The Return of Lost.

There's plenty of stuff going around that you'd have to be living in cave to miss the fact that the show LOST premieres its fifth season tonight. This is a show that sucks you in and keeps you. Even through the dodgy second season and other mid-season hiccups and unlike the betrayal of pale imitations (I'm talking about you Heroes) that go completely off the rails, LOST so solidly juggles convoluted plots and multiple story lines and characters with compelling writing and chilling performances that it only keeps getting better. Poignant, dramatic, scary, mind-boggling, adventurous, and romantic, in five years I've rarely been disappointed (see mid-season hiccups above). And this penultimate fifth season is set to blow the doors off everything that's come before.

I confess, I am Very. Excited.

The fact that there's an end date to the series has opened up the opportunity for the show's writers and producers to buckle down and answer all their faithful viewers questions and dangling plot points.
Also, per Entertainment Weekly, Sawyer will be much more in play this year.

As if I needed even more of a reason to watch.

It begins tonight with what I've heard is two shockingly revealing episodes, the first focusing on the Losties still on the island in 2004 and the second dealing with the Oceanic Six, the only characters to leave the island who are now existing in 2007 - and some of whom are desperate to return to the island. If only they can find it.


I, for one, plan to hustle my mother out of choir rehearsal tonight so that I can plant my fanny in front of the screen for the nearly uninterrupted duration. (Who am I kidding? There will be endless interruptions. Go DVR!)

The fact that Sawyer is shirtless for nearly the entire first hour has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with it.


All will begin to be revealed tonight 9 - 11 pm on ABC (local channel 7).

Oh my giddy freaking aunt.

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