Tuesday, January 13, 2009

POW! Right in the - Patella?

I'm writing this while sitting in bed on Sunday evening with the lap desk and my laptop, Pride and Prejudice playing in the background. It's not at the He's walking, he's still walking! point, so I'm only paying half attention right now. Hollis has just joined me and she can't figure out why the tuna she's smelling isn't meant for her, so I'm shifting my tuna melt from side to side to avoid her avid nose.

It's not laziness that brings me here but rather confinement. Saturday morning I lay in bed dozing, rousing myself from time to time to check the DVR clock, which is set to the correct time; my alarm clock is always set 15 minutes fast to trick my mind into thinking it's sleeping later when actually I'm just getting up earlier. I just didn't have it in me to do the math that morning. I was trying to decide just how much time I really needed to get washed and dressed to leave on time for my writer's meeting - the Liberty State Fiction Writers - and how much more time I could thus spend lollygagging in bed. Contemplatively, I crossed my legs, my foot bumping Hollis in the process at her perch in the bottom corner of my bed, and my knee went CRACK! That's it, that's all it took. A simple shifting of the leg and my whole world becomes about that one faulty joint.

I was determined to make my meeting though, the first of this new writing group that was formed by several friends of mine. I wanted to show my support by being present, come crutch or imminent blizzard. And I was glad I persevered, happy to see good friends after the long holiday and to be briefed about the group and their comprehensive program and Web site. I think I could surf it forever and still uncover hidden pearls.
(We're at the bungled Bingley proposal scene BTW: Miss Bennent. Mister Bingley.) It was good that I went and my friends helped me manage the knee while I was there (thanks friends!) so it was all good. A few hours later it was home to ice packs and paid meds and eventual oblivion, Thus have I stayed all weekend.

It's frustrating t0 be sidelined just when I had made plans to improve things. Things always seem to go pear shaped when I've managed to motivate myself towards something positive. (Ah, Lady Catherine has arrived. Heaven and earth. Are the shades of Pemberly to be thus polluted?) Perhaps it's just January blues. I always struggle to get into gear at the beginning of the year. All the bliss and good feelings of the Christmas holidays are suddenly gone and it's back to life as usual.

We interrupt this blog post for the following important announcement: HE'S WALKING. STILL WALKING. AND WALKING.


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

I'm planning to wear my Christmas light socks to work on Monday to make up for my blah weekend. Maybe it'll trick my subconscious back into shiny happy people holiday mode. Hey, nothing like a little self delusion to start the week. Plus, I'm looking at a knee injection on Monday night and for the two following Mondays in turn so I'll take whatever I can get.

Nothing but good times ahead.

Update Monday night 1/12/09:

Knee injected? Check.

Knee drained? Yeesssssss

Shouted down doctor's office with creative expletive alternatives whilst enduring procedures? Oh my giddy aunt, check.

Surreal fluffy clouds on a blue sky painted on the lights in my doctor's exam room ceiling? You betcha.

Compliments on my Christmas lights socks? But of course.

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