Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Boys Are Back in Town - U2 Mania

I've been listening to the new U2 album No Line On the Horizon on and off all weekend thanks to the wondrous peoples at 107.1 FM The Peak. On Friday, they played the entire album, a new track at the top of every hour, and they've continued to sample tracks all weekend. Already I have favorites and the album doesn't even release until March 3rd! Though Get On Your Boots, the first single released on the radio waves, was a tad disappointing, it was fun and catchy. But the stuff I've been hearing this weekend blows that gimlet away as the meatier, more resonating songs lurk deeper in bowels of the album. Already, I am haunting the airwaves for snippets of Magnificent, title track No Line on the Horizon, White As Snow, and Breathe. I feel echoes of Achtung Baby! in the new tunes while new sounds and influences weave around to create something completely new. And in White as Snow, I swear I hear parts of the Christmas anthem O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Big thank you to The Peak! I'm vibrating with excitement. This is going to be something amazing.

Can't freaking wait. Perfect way to break in my new ipod!

Now I'm off to watch my fantasy lover blow us away as he hosts the Oscars.

All in all, not a bad way to start the week.


  1. "And in White as Snow, I swear I hear parts of the Christmas anthem O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

    Because the song IS in fact based off of the melody of O Come Emmanuel :)... according to Bono himself in a recent interview. The song is about a dying soldier in Afghanistan and the length of the song is the time it takes for him to die.