Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ipod Baby!!

My brand new, very first, ipod classic just arrived today. YIPPEE!!!!

I've already synced it up with my computer's itunes, corrected the gross error of transferring only Act I of Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, and may have even squeed once or twice. In a professional capacity, natch.

Now I realize that in today's electronic global marketplace, this is probably like saying I've just discovered that there's this new mechanical thing and when you pick it up and dial a number, it allows you to speak to other people clear across town - across the world even! While my writing friends and colleagues are debating the merits of Kindle versus the Sony Reader, I'm just giddy over my run-of-the-mill ipod.

Understand that while I am Gadget Girl, I am not the sort of woman who eagerly plops down hundreds of hard earned dollars on the Next New Thing. Mostly because there's always a better version of That Thing mere months down the road. But really because there always seems to be exponentially better things to plop that money on - like rent and food and petrol. There are easily a dozen different internal justifications I have to endure to allow an indulgence of this level. Imagine what subconscious machinations it took for me to purchase my laptop!

It helps that I (effectively) didn't pay for the ipod.

Thanks to a gift card from my company for my 5 year anniversary, my Christmas gift from my Dad and Judy, my old friend's apple discount, and my sister's Christmas gift generosity - possibly fueled by a latent desire to shut me up and just get the damn thing already! - it's a done deal. (See - self-justification in just four easy steps!)

The snazzy darling finally arrived this morning along with my dark red (but of course!) iskin and complete with personal engraving, which reads "Your Name Is Music. And I Will Sing." I'm listening to my man Van crooned down the electronic pathways this very moment. Yes indeed, it is a very Sweet Thing.

What's something you finally allowed yourself to indulge in? Do you have personal hoops to jump through before you allow yourself (or your SO) to purchase something special?

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  1. Saw your comment over at Deadline Dames and wanted to say yay for seeking pacing and beauty in one story!

    If you're looking for music to fill up your shiny new iPod, check out my XY's new album. Doesn't come out until the end of March but you can get a taste at

    I reward myself with books, but I'm always a good girl so I get myself books whenever I want them ;)