Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Romantic Suspense Royalty: Roxanne St. Claire

They say romantic suspense isn't selling. They say romance publishing today is all about paranormals and steampunk and historicals and the mighty resurge and reverb of young adult fiction. "They" like to say a lot.

Try saying any of that to Roxanne St Claire. No really, try it. I dare you.

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I'm a huge fan of Roxanne St. Claire. If I was a woman who squeed, I'd be a squeeing fan grrl. I dove into The Bullet Catchers series like I was breaking a fast and sped read through her backlist like it was require reading for RWA (it might be). Also, she has the best titles. A three book series entitled, respectively, First You Run, Then You Hide, Now You Die

Total title win.

Roxanne's books are exciting, engrossing, and seriously hot. Her characters meld larger than life experiences with totally down to earth desires. And hold onto your arm chair because the pace is quick and the plots thick. I always read her books in one swift sitting, unable to put them down until I hit the last page. Best, she inspires me as a writer challenging me with every new novel to be a better one.

I mean, the woman originated her new series in Boston and this Jersey girl still thinks she rocks. Trust me, that's big.

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Today is debut day for Roxanne St Claire's new romantic suspense novel Shiver of Fear. This book #2 in her Guardian Angelinos series following last fall's Edge of Sight, not to be confused with the 80s soap opera of the same name that I loved unreasonably in my early adolescent youth (Preacher. Sigh.). Face of Danger, the third installment, will join the class on April 26th

Look! Cover flats! Ooooh.

But who better to sum up the Angelino's mission statement than Roxanne herself? From her web site:

The Guardian Angelinos are a Boston-based family that flies under the radar of the law to solve crimes, save lives, protect the innocent, and take down the guilty. This team of rule-breaking, risk-taking, wave-making siblings and cousins aren't afraid to get into the face of criminals as one of the toughest, grittiest security and PI firms around. This close-knit clan of protection, investigation, law enforcement, technology, weaponry, and legal experts all have one simple creed: The good guys win and the bad guys get the holy hell kicked out of them.

Courtesy of Amazon.com
You're going to love these books. I kid you not. I'm even willing to put my money to my mouth to prove it. Methaphorically speaking.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of romantic suspense novels. Love 'em? Meh 'em? Give me some good reasons. If you're a fan, name your favorite authors that we may not squee with you. I'm so sure you're going to love Roxanne St. Claire's Guardian Angelinos, I'm going to start one randomly chosen commenter off with a free copy of Edge of Sight, Guardian Angelino Book #1, newly nominated for a RITA award in the romantic suspense category (for the uninformed, that's the Romancelandia Oscars so it's a big 'effen deal.)

I'm a proud writer of romantic suspense fiction and follow haltingly in the assured footsteps of kick-ass writers like Roxanne St. Claire who continue to weave intricate, engrossing, sizzling hot stories of men and women falling in love on the cusp of danger. Rock on Rocki.

Leave a note. Win a book. It's that easy.

Happy Reading!

BONUS: Do not miss the Edge of Sight prequel to see how it all really began, a free download on Roxanne St. Claire's web site. Why yes, I will link to it again. 

Disclaimer: I was not at all given any incentives to tout these books. But if you want to send an Angelino after me, I wouldn't say no to Marc Rossi...no matter what he asked me to do.


  1. Thank you so much for that glowing endorsement, baby. Romantic suspense is NOT DEAD! I hope you love SHIVER as much as EDGE (wasn't that soap operat EDGE OF NIGHT???) and stay a fan and friend forever! xo

  2. Oh Lord, you're right. Edge of Night. In my defense, I was 11 (I matured early).

    You're more than welcome. I meant every word. Thanks so much for commenting and congratulations again!

  3. I haven't read her yet. Sounds like my cup of tea! I will check it out.

  4. Jenn Definitely check her out. Edge of Sight is a great book! Or, if you'd rather begin a completed (for the moment) series, Kill Me Twice. is the first Bullet Catchers book. I love that series like damn and wow.


  5. I totally agree with your assessment of Roxanne's books. Love her Bullet Catcher series and the new series has started out just as good.

    Good stuff!

    Lisa B
    Modokker at yahoo dot com

  6. Lisa I loved that the head of the Bullet Catchers was a strong, fierce, dangerous woman who could toe the line with any and all of her men. That was the cincher for me - I was permanently hooked. Likewise, the Guardian Angelinos are headlined by a smart, sassy, strong, streetwise, secretly vulnerable (I ran out of "s" words there) woman. Great, great stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy Reading!

  7. Thanks for the free download - I look forward to reading both books. I love romantic suspense!

  8. Diana That prequel definitely gets the juices going, right? Wait till you read the follow up!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm thrilled to be able to introduce you to Roxanne and her terrific books! Enjoy!

  9. I LOVE Roxanne St. Claire! I was introduced to her by Allison Brennan (another author that I love). :) I wouldn't turn down a Bullet Catcher either, if one approached me! ;)

    I haven't gotten a chance to read Edge of Sight yet, but would LOVE a copy. Even if I don't get the free copy, I plan on reading it very soon.

    Great blog!!


    randomnesswithrachel at gmail dot com

  10. Love your posting!!! I absolutely love romantic suspense and adore Roxanne St. Claire! Edge of Sight was the first novel of hers I read and I fell in love. The Guardian Angelinos are amazing and I agree I would never say no to Marc Rossi! Please don't enter me because I already have these delicious reads :)

  11. I LOVED her first series. I'm not sure how I missed "Edge of Sight", except that it was a terrible 'oversight'. I plan to remedy that. Thanks for the heads up.


  12. So happy to know that romantic suspense is not dead. It's quickly became a favorite of mine.

    And yes the Bulletcatchers helped in that too!


  13. I'm a huge fan too. I've already read the first book, so don't enter me into the drawing. The new book is my reward for getting some of my own writing done. :)

    I love to read romantic suspense when I'm writing other stuff (contemp and historical), because I love the breathless pace, and I learn so much about tension and suspense that I can adapt for my own books.

  14. I loved Edge of Sight and have been eagerly awaiting Shiver of Fear and Face of Danger. It isn't often that we get three books so close together, but I'm not going to complain.
    Thanks Roxanne, for late nights of reading with a flashlight under the covers.
    Thank you to Kiersten for bringing us another opportunity to connect with Roxanne.

  15. Love dem Jersey writas, so yeah, ya sold me, Kiersten. And I love suspense too :)

  16. Rachel Thank you and thanks for stopping by! Allison Brennen is a great author, too. So glad to hear you share the Rocki love (though Allison Brennan is a great author too).

    Miranda Thank youU! If you haven't yet, check out the Bullet Catchers. You won't be disappointed. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. Happy reading!

    Merrymac Oh for shame! Kidding. On the plus side, now you have two new Roxanne St. Claire books to enjoy back to back. Almost, I envy you. Enjoy!

    Raonaid Right off the bat, I'm fascinated by your name. Romantic suspense is far from dead, so keep reading and enjoying it!

    Donna Book 'em, Donna! :-) Funnily enough, I like to read historicals when I writing b/c the language helps raise my game so much. So long as I don't slip a verily or a meeting at Almack's in there by accident. Enjoy SHIVER - I know I will!

    Laurel Oh, it was absolutely my pleasure, Laurel. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the Rocki and romantic suspense love.

    Vikki Aw, thanks for helping me close the sale, Vik. Enjoy!