Friday, April 1, 2011

Day of Win!

There's snow in them Jersey hills! Yep, more snow is hitting the east coast today and what better day to announce winners of not one but TWO Two Left Shoes commenting contests. Today is also my Unbirthday, the day when, as a kid, I would had a birthday party since, as an August baby, no one was ever around on the actual day to party (sniff. sad.). And it's April Fool's Day. AND it's Friday. Good grief! Good things are all over this day. Let's add to 'em!

Without further ado - The Winners:

The winner from Romantic Suspense Royalty: Roxanne St. Claire who gets his/her very own copy of Edge of Sight is - drumroll please -

Commenter #9 Rachel!

Congratulations Rachel. I hope you spend many exciting hours with the Angelinos!

Everyone had such great comments on Combating Doubt. Thank you for sharing your personal methods of beating the soul killer. I was so inspired, I decided to choose three winners to benefit from my basket of win.

They are:
Commenter #7 Abigail
Commenter #9 Ashley
Commenter #10 Sophie

Congratulations to all the winners!

Please send me your shipping information to kierstenkrumatgmaildotcom tout suite so I might get these prizes in your hot little hands quickly.

Thank you for all your fantastic comments. I so enjoyed reading and responding to them all and hope that you'll revisit Two Left Shoes and share your thoughts again that we might keep these great conversations going.

Disclaimer: Winners are randomly chosen by tried and true scientific method, by which I mean I put numbers in a bowl and had my day-job boss choose. It's her fault if you don't win.

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