Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Mighty Basket of Win

Here it is in all it's glory: The Mighty Basket of Win filled with Harlequin books.

And a close up:

Lots of reading delight to share! So check the next post and see if you're a winner.

And since my bookshelves runneth over, there will be more winners chosen in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. It's a pretty basket. Glad everyone around me least my lack of luck is useful for other people! lol

  2. Jenn Aw. (rubs fingers together like tiny violin) My heart bleeds for you.

    You get plenty of luck, lovie. (Incidentally, I first typed you get plenty of fluck. Yeesh.)

    Next time, maybe we'll share the basket of win.

  3. This basket of win looks delightful.

    Must make every effort to look for these baskets in the future. I need more baskets in my life. Particularly those with lots of books, goodies, chocolate, alcohol.

    Ah, baskets. They make life so much sweeter; especially when filled with joyful things.