Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crisis Management

K: [into the cell phone to my grandfather] Hi Dad-dad, it's Kierst.

DD: Yeah, hi. Where are you?

K: I'm in the ICU waiting room.

DD: Oh yeah?

K: Yeah. I just wanted to let you know that Mom is awake and somewhat alert.

DD: Really?

K: Yeah

DD: That's great.

K: I know! I wanted you to know.

DD: That's really terrific.

K: Well, she's still a little loopy and confused and will probably be in the ICU for a few more days, but she's a lot better than when I left last night.

DD: How 'bout that?

K: How 'bout that.

DD: Is she going back to the rehab place?

K: Not yet, but we hope that's where she'll go back to whenever she's discharged.

DD: Yeah, you like that place.

K: We really do.

DD: What's this I hear about you bringing her a case of Coco-Cola?

K: Umm. Sorry?

DD: You brought a case of Coke to the rehab.

K: How do you know that? And, well, she asked me for it.

DD: She shouldn't be drinking that.

K: The doctor said it was okay.

DD: You shouldn't be drinking that.

K: [sigh] I know.

DD: You drink too much of that stuff.

K: Yep.

DD: Why do you drink it?

K: To stay awake! Plus I like it.

DD: [tch] Aw, you don't need that to stay awake.

K: You'd be surprised.

DD: It's really addictive. Do you know that it's addictive?

K: Yes, Dad-dad. I know.

DD: I worked with a guy. Every day he'd be down at the gas station to get his Coca-Cola and those TastyKakes
®, you know those things? Not the butterscotch.

K: The Krimpets? The butterscotch Krimpets?

DD: [slightly aggravated] No, not the butterscotch. The chocolate ones. The cupcakes. Yeah, the chocolate cupcakes. Every day he'd be down there getting his Coke and Tastykake
® chocolate cupcakes. And he got addicted. You could get addicted too. You gotta be careful.

K: [rubbing forehead] Dad-dad, do you think we could do this some other time?

DD: [pause, then chuckling] I'm lecturing you, aren't I.

K: Yeah, and that's okay. But maybe we could do it later? I'll give you a list, okay? I'll come up with a list of five topics and you can pick three of them.

DD: [laughing] Yeah.

K: Any three. You'll have a buffet of choices. I'll even be attentive! We'll sit in your living room and I'll give you the list and you can pick any three topics out of the five and lecture me all afternoon and I'll sit there attentively and listen. Just not so much now though, okay?

DD: Okay. It's good to hear you laugh, hon.

K: Yeah. It's good to have a reason to laugh. I'll call you later tonight if it's not too late.

DD: Okay.

K: I love you very much.

DD: I love you too, hon. See you later.

K: See you soon.

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