Monday, May 5, 2008

Sit on My Face and Tell Me That You Love Me

Hollis: [jumps up on the bed by my head and meows loudly] Hel-lo-ho. It's 5:30am. Did I wake you?

Me: [rolling over] What gave you that idea? Go move the curtain back over the window.
You're silly sister knocked it away again.

Hollis: Look at the lovely light coming in the window.

Me: [groping blindly under the pillow] Where's the damn eye visor?

Hollis: [meows again and bumps head on my shoulder] You should scratch and love me now.

Me: [patting Hollis' head blindly] Go jump on Feaghan.

Hollis: [mewing deep in throat] If you don't scratch me, I'm going to go stalk Feaghan.

Me: [reaching off the edge of the bed] Stupid billboard and DVR receiver lights. You could see to Guam with those damn things. Maybe I can
get a throw pillow over my eyes.

Hollis: Hey, look at the pretty pillow!

Me: I'm gonna use that pillow Hollis. Pick one of the others.

Hollis: Hmm. Soft pillow

Me: If I position this right...

Hollis: I like soft pillows

Me: There. That should give me another hour or so.

Hollis: Oh, good. Now I can make a nest.

Me: OW - Hollis? Hol - lis!

Hollis: Hang on, I'm nearly there. Few bumps to knead out yet.


Hollis: Well, that took a lot out of me. Let me sit here for a minute and catch my breath

Me: DO YOU MIND?!?! You're not exactly a featherweight with your baker's dozen there, fluffy.

Hollis: [wriggles] Eh, no, still too bumpy. [stands up on pillow then slowly climbs off] I'm going to my window seat.

Baxter: [jumps up on opposite side of bed] Hey! Whatcha doin'?![bumps sore right shoulder with bony head] Are you awake?

Me: [sigh] No.

Baxter: Pillow!! [jumps up on pillow] Wow. Great view of the lights from up here.

Me: Oh for cryin' out loud!!! THAT IS MY FACE!!

Baxter: What?!

Hollis: [from foot of the bed] She's not in a scratching mood.

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