Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Highs and the Lows

I have survived moving hell - just. Thanks to unimaginable help from all corners of my life, we are now moved into our new first floor apartment. It's a huge improvement over the third floor walk up that I've called home for seven years. I had 72 hours of floating on the highs before I got zonked by some unforeseen lows.

High: first floor = NO STAIRS!!
Low: first floor = people thumping above me; landlord outside my windows and front door all. the. time. 7am? yep. 9pm? yep. This morning, the rain kept him inside, but only for a very short while. My landlord kind of looks like a tall Buddy Hackett so you can imagine the joys of my morning especially mornings like today's when he's outside shirtless. My eyes! My eyes!

High: driveway = NO ON-STREET PARKING!! Woo Hoo!!
Low: driveway = landlord backed into my car on my very first morning. There's not much damage and he's paying for it, no question. But I spent seven years in the city with no accidents. First night in the suburbs and Boom!

High: living in suburbs = backyard and trees!!
Low: living in suburbs = trees that block my satellite access. No directv access available. Have to shell out for new Verizon Fios in order to get BBCAmerica and other cool channels necessary for my continued sanity. Installation is scheduled for August 11th. Meanwhile I'm about wearing out the Harry Potter oeuvre.

High: shorter commute = less commuting stress.
Low: shorter commute = more time at work.

High: new cell phones = no land line needed in new apt. for a phone no one is ever home to use.
Low: new cell phones = no phone as the building's structure is so dense, it keeps the wireless signal from penetrating. Now have to have Verizon work some magic or else make my office in the driveway. Right now, I have to sit in the car to have a conversation with any hope of not having the call lost.

Well, I knew the apartment was too good. There had to be a catch somewhere.

I think I found it...


  1. Is that all? Sounds simply divine!!! Especially shirtless Buddy Hackett! What a picture I have in my mind! And without being on your phone all the time inside, think of how much easier it will be to sneak a peak at the shirtless wonder as you secretly can listen to his putterings around your windows! The TV issue? Well, it's not like I TOLD YOU SO!!! or anything! But seriously, that - for you - MUST be a REAL pain in the buttocks! I know you NEED your BBCTV!!! Can't help you here cause we don't get it either!

  2. Ummm.....HOW many times must I read this blog entry???????????

  3. OMG - you are so picky and demanding!! I do have a job here!

    And am actually finishing up the new post, so untwist your knickers there nutter.