Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Hard Duck Life

Because I can't resist a good animal story - and not because I'm bowing under pressure from certain people for a new post posthaste - here is a quick link to an absolutely adorable chain of events. Although not too encouraging with regard to the common sense of ducks. Plus Spokane! Where my wundebar cousin works and where I had a delightful day, during my visit a few years ago, as I waited for her to finish work .


Duck Crossing


  1. OH - whatever....if this is the best you can do, I guess I'll have to survive! What is it with you and ducks, anyway??? Your numerous ... ok, two... duck posts are starting to scare me!

  2. hey - you're the one who sent me the duck photos in the first place! So really, it's your own fault.

  3. Just checking.....and hoping for some distraction in my hideously boring day of cleaning!

  4. I expect something new when I return from my vacation!!! This gives you PLENTY of time to come up with something creative! There - the challenge is on!

    SCRA-NTON!!!! Oh - I SOOOO wanted to call you at 8am on Sat. as we approached the sign but I was afraid to wake you up! My lovely husband caught on and each time either of us saw a sign for it we would say "SCRA-NTON!!"

  5. Ha! Told you I was a trend setter. It's addictive, isn't it? SCRA-NTON!