Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Wonda Where the Burdie Is

Spring is sprung and welcome to it!

I switched out my seasonal office decorations today. They're minor; a snowman here, a snowman there, and a change in (empty) candy dishes. Most of my holiday decor is thanks to my boss whose Christmas gifts for the last few years have always managed to be seasonally related. Okay by me.

My spring stuff is a lime green bucket that says "Easter joys be yours!" and an aluminum rabbit that should stick up in my garden but as I haven't got a garden (or a house to go with it either) I stick it in my bucket and perched them on the wall next to my nameplate. Last year, my mother's Easter card had a huge black and white cat on the cover surrounded by Easter eggs with the tag line "What bunny?!" I post that on the wall too.

We're having cocktail hour (cheese and wine) in our department today (all 5 of us) and as the wine is chilling in my mini-fridge, I am being called with ever increasing intensity. I've been working my tail off all day both in and out of the office, so I'm pretty sure I've earned some cheap wine and sharp Irish cheese - Yummy!

Enjoy the first day of spring! Hope arises again!

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