Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Moving On Up

I delayed starting a blog for several reasons, one of them being a lull in creativity regarding the name. My best friend Moyra finally said to me, long distance from Colorado, "Just start it, you can always change the name later." So I came up with Khaotic Kapers and got started, but was never really happy with the name.

While the title "Khaotic Kapers" reflected me well with the dual Ks and described my life accurately and succinctly, because few things are as chaotic as the life I seem to lead, it just seemed a tad...wonky. Also, not an easily remembered title either, an all-important quality in the blogosphere.

Then I found myself thinking recently about New York City and working there and shoes, which makes sense if you're living in my head, and remembered my first interview for an actual job in New York City. Which led me to think of a new title for the blog.

I solicited the all-important opinion of my posse (because, for an independent, incredibly opinionated woman, I find myself needing validation for the strangest things), which consists of the most important woman in my life and yes, my mother made the cut. With a 5 to 2 result, I made the decision to rename the site even though my sister may never speak to me again.

So if you're looking for the blog of Kiersten Hallie Krum, aka ksquard, you can now find me here at Two Left Shoes.

Why I was wearing two left shoes is a story for another day.

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