Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rainy Days and Pain Days Always Get Me Down

I've been flat on my back since Saturday afternoon (and not in a good way) during which you'd think I would have set my overactive brain to formulating a more interesting post than what this is going to turn out to be. But as I spent those days in a prescription narcotic haze thanks to the pulled muscles in my back, instead I turned my sluggish, soggy brain towards the DVR and programs archived there that needed to be viewed and deleted to free up memory. Not terribly interesting, I'm afraid. (Though some really good shows. Lost is coming back!)

On my (painful) drive into work today:
  • Following a pick-up truck, complete with cab, up Wyckoff Ave this morning, I saw written on the left side of the back window in Sharpie black "Free air bag test" and then on the right side "Keep tailgating." Ha. 'Specially since I'd just left the auto body shop.
  • Driving south on Rt. 287, another commercial pick-up truck, this time for a welding company whose tag line on the back was "We weld everything but a broken heart." Aw. (And also, then what good are you?)
And that's it for my Tuesday morning Monday. Above? Me after a muscle relaxer and Percocet. Except more pain-filled.

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