Monday, July 14, 2008

Alan Rickman is a god

I adore the actor Alan Rickman. For those of you who only know him as Snape in the Harry Potter films, you're missing out on the expanded repertoire of an accomplished, wicked, delightful, talented man. Who else could have imbued Snape with such humanity and complexity? Having finished reading the HP oeuvre, I'm even more keen than ever to watch Snape's vindication unfold onscreen and to see what amazing things Rickman does with it.

Beyond the HP films is the fantastic Truly, Madly, Deeply with the supreme Juliet Stevenson, directed by the late, great Anthony Mingella. Probably his most famous movie role is the villainous role of Hans Gruber in Die Hard, his first American film role, where he set the standard for the modern villain while uttering these immortal lines:

'When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.' The benefits of a classical education."

And of course Rickman's wickedly delightful Sheriff of Nottingham in the best damn thing about Robin Hood Prince of Thieves:

"I'll eat your heart out with a spoon!"
"Why a spoon cousin?"
"Because it hurts more, you twit!"

Campy and cartoony, but oh so much fun.

(Folks, I didn't even have to look those quotes up.)

I could go on and on - as you all no doubt are well aware - but I do have a point; this clip below.

Sizzling hot, sexy and tender with a world of class.

And then there's that tango.

Gotta go stick my head in the freezer now.


  1. He's considerably older than I thought. I love that song. Is it from a movie? Whatever...... You're strange to put that on your blog - as strange as I am to write this comment. That's why we get along so well - we're both strange!

  2. let us not forget Love Actually and quigley down under. Although quigley is a stupid movie it is where I fell in love with Alan. He of course as any where is the best damn thing in the movie. In Love Actually he stars with the talents Emma Thompson....

    His genius just continues as always.