Sunday, July 20, 2008


I'm going to be a bit absent for the next two or so weeks as I participate in that rite of passage known as Super Fast Moving Madness.

I'm happy to say that after months of searching I've found an apartment that meets all of my high maintenance real estate needs. Most importantly, its first floor status will allow my mother to return home from rehab significantly sooner than expected. But since our move-in date is the first of August and I just signed the lease on Friday afternoon, there's not a whole heck of a lot of time to take my third floor brownstone apartment and pack and condense it into a significantly smaller domicile. Ergo, I will be temporarily abandoning you, my not so gentle readers.

Try not to have too much fun without me.


  1. How will I survive without 2 left shoes? I can't understand why you can't keep us up to date with your daily quips as you sort thru your stuff. Sheesh!

  2. Really? Nothing? No thoughts today? Seriously - your THAT busy??? Hmph.....I'll wait.......

    (Actually, I KNOW you were out this morning but ... now?)

    Do you really have that much to do today after being out yesterday that you can't give your blog fans even a morsel...a tidbit.....into the crazy life of two left shoes?

    OK. I guess I'll go back out to cleaning my garage - have to do SOMETHING for kicks!!!

  3. Smartie. If I have insomnia again tonight, I'll do my best to accommodate you. Otherwise...get used to disappointment.

  4. Guess you slept well last night? Not that I'm upset about that but ... how much more can I take? I keep looking...checking....hoping....for something ... but nothing........
    Guess I'll have to go to the dentist for excitement!

  5. don't have time to write a blog entry but you DO have time to fill out an incredibly lame-o survey???? Who rates here anyway????? Guess I should feel honored that I was sent the survey. But, like I said, I was too busy having fun at the dentist so now I must make the 20 minute trek to pick up my children and another 20 minutes back home - just in time to try to think what is for dinner (it's about time, right?) so I'm just not sure I'LL have the time to respond to YOUR little survey there, Kierst. Now I'm on your bad list. And, hey, perhaps all my comments maybe, just maybe, may inspire you to write a new blog entry. Hey - am I the only one reading this thing???? Someone else, help me out here!!! Kierst needs our support!!! Come on Kierst!!! Write more!!! Give me a K "K" - give me a I "I".......let's go Keirsten, go, go go!!!!!. OK, my head is pounding, my stomach is growling, my tooth is aching, my children are waiting.....WHY am I sitting here at this computer anyway??? Guess cause I love you!!! Hee, hee, hee......

  6. Although nothing says love like an adoring public clamoring for your stuff, I have to ask: Didn't you read the post? No new stuff till the move is done!

    'Course, if you wanna pitch in to make the packing move more quickly, and, ergo, the posting happen that much sooner, I'm all for it.

  7. I feel, at this point in my life, the best I CAN offer you is to keep my 5 children out of your hair as you pack! Hee, hee, hee....gotta love kids!

    Oh - and yes I did read your AWOL post but I especially know that you are quite good at multitasking and you also know how much I NEED a good post - and I get bored easily cause I have nothing to do and have no life of my own! ;-)