Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing but a Burning Light

I love me a four-day weekend. I am amazingly productive during four-day weekends, because I get to fart around AND be super accomplishment woman, often at the same time.

I know!

More on super accomplishment woman later (she kicked ass this weekend). Right now I'm sitting at my friend's computer with a witch's hat on my head courtesy of the resident five-year-old princess, waiting for the semi-adult eldest daughter (who inadvertently happens to be my namesake) to come downstairs while the ten-year-old prince hunts up the Monopoly game. This is actually fun - the witch's hat rocks! - but I'm still looking forward to parental return tonight and the glories of my own comfortable bed and oh so luscious brand new Nautica pillow. Oh, that pillow is glory and was on clearance at Marshall's so it feels even better for that. I love hanging with these kids. We spent rainy yesterday snuggling on the couches and introduced the little one to Lady and the Tramp and The Little Mermaid along with Anastasia and Sleeping Beauty. It's a blast getting to see those old favorites with new, young eyes experiencing their joys for the first time. Now we're going to plunge into Monopoly possibly capped off by a Batman cartoon movie. What more could I ask for?

Tonight, my mother is at a sleep study, so the figurative bell pull that occasionally rules my life will be silent. The woman started sending me text messages at 5:15 AM this morning. Four of them before 10:30 AM. This is why my mobile is so often on vibrate.

In the meantime, we are awaiting twin babies as my BFF is lounging in the most decadent (and exorbitantly expensive, no doubt) hospital suite I've ever seen awaiting her c-section and preparing for her close-up. BABIES!!!

But what's not been happening this weekend - no surprise there - is the writing, especially ironic as I took Friday off to bookend with MLK day today with particular intent to battened down the hatches and make some progress. And then proceeded to find a hundred and twelve things to do instead. But, as my New Testament professor, Dr. Green would say, I journey on, holding my feet to the fire.

Because I too have a dream.

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