Monday, January 4, 2010

Well, My Desk Is Clean

Not only is it Monday, but it's also the first post-holiday work day. Talk about your double whammies. According to my company's new 2010 holiday schedule, this day next year will be on a Tuesday. In my head, somehow that's a better deal.

But we're here now and so far, it's not so bad. Granted, it's only 1 pm, but I've already dropped my sister at the airport, hit the bank, fed the gas tank, and cleaned up my work at desk, all on only 2 hours of sleep. I hide it well, don't I?

My head is buzzing today and every so often my hands shake a little, but I've got the Glee soundtrack cranking on my iPod (thanks for the iTunes card, big sis!) and am on my second Coke, so I'm pushing through. No jobs yet to help click my day along, but s'allright.

Sidebar: Just how awesome is Glee? I know! I haven't seen Sectionals episode yet, so no spoilers!

I couldn't seem to shut my head off last night. My heart was pounding away for some reason (still is, actually) and my brain was clicking through all the things I wanted to get started on this week. I only needn't life to return to normal.

It's a funny thing to be on vacation. When I'm travelling or in Arizona (they're not really the same thing), I feel as though I'm existing out of time, inhabiting some sort of alternate world where things like Roman ruins and Florentine art are all I have to worry about. Bills, parents, work, siblings, angst, life – it's all removed into a different realm, set aside to be looked at later, usually in a much less halcyon moment.

Doing my tried and true impersonation of a hermit this past holiday week felt much the same. Losing the knowledge of just what day it is and really not caring. Watching movies till three in the morning and sleeping till noon. Showering only every other day. Hey, if family can't stand one when one has greasy ponytail hair and hasn't seen a bar of Irish Spring in 48 hours, then they just shouldn't show up in the first place.

When I was working for the Germans (sigh, I miss the Germans), Christmas break was a yearly given to which I quickly became accustomed. Now that my sister comes east most years for Christmas, it's helpful to have that time again, even if the getting of it differs from my German era. But while submerging into that fog of nothingness is relatively easy, dragging oneself up out of it takes some doing.

Still, my desk is clean and as organized as it gets, just in time for the early winter windfall of work we've been promised for so many months. I have a freelance gig for a writer I not only enjoy reading, but whom I also like personally quite a bit. And there's the promise of more freelance work this year. I've got financial goals to meet, writing goals to enslave myself to, both to reach a conference travel goal this summer. Now, if I could just get my heart to stop pounding.

Yikes, I used the G word. Ah well, it's the post holiday Monday. Maybe no one will notice.

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