Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Out of My Inbox

Yesterday, I purged my entire Gmail Inbox. This massive undertaking took me all blessed day. I kid you not. I had nearly three thousand emails in there, 1098 of which were unread. Unread, I tell you! What could be so important? Even though many were months old, and ergo, clearly not necessary, I had yet to delete them. Of course, I am a packrat and have no difficulty transferring such rattiness to an electronic venue.

And did I take the easy way and simply delete the lot? Oh, nos. I went through them one by one, labeled and archived and only then did I mass delete. Okay, I did search with keywords and sometimes mass analysis, but still, HOURS of work.

Now if only I applied that focus to my WIP. Because, yea, even now, I am writing this post not just to crow about my insane and no doubt short-lived efficiency, but also more as a reason to avoid working on my WIP.

Right now I'm finishing up a pivotal scene (they're all pivotal, right?) where most of the players are finally and literally in the same room and Things Are Revealed, what other, more organized and focused writers might call a climax heading into the final resolution. And for whatever reason, I am simply dragging my unfashionable but somewhat comfortable if overly inflated hind parts.

I even like the scene. It's mostly men arguing and taking the piss out of each other, but, as I said, Things Are Revealed. And my heroine's about to enter the room and verbally kick all their asses (starting with a Shakespeare quote no less; hey, it's my book. I can stick Shakespeare wherever I want him). So I really don't know what I'm being such a git about it all.

It's frustrating when I have things generally plotted out in my head and then have to get them down on paper in a witty and entertaining while appealing, marketable, and engaging way. There should be some manner by which things in my head can magically transfer onto the page and into a book. Like a liberalius incantation. Though in real life, I guess it's called an admin assistant.

So instead I'm cleaning out my inbox, reading through old blog posts, shopping on the internet, putting on a top hat, tying up my white tie, brushing off my tails.

Gotta start somewhere.

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